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Samuel B.

Award winning master designer and founder, Samuel Behnam brings more than thirty years of art and jewelry experience to The Samuel B. Collection. 

Samuel B. creates a unique balance of “Old and New”. He blends traditional Balinese and Thai craftsmanship with contemporary style so that every jewel represents an innovation in jewelry design. 

He began as a gemstone dealer but was soon drawn to the unique beauty of handcrafted jewelry. The ancient art of Balinese jewelry making gave him a way to express his artistry. His design aesthetic is represented in every jewel of The Samuel B. Collection and it’s the reason why the collections resonates with their dedicated fans and has won a multitude of jewelry industry awards.

At his workshop in Bali, Samuel Behnam controls every aspect of the jewelry crafting process. His focus on quality, craftsmanship and innovation in design creates timeless classic pieces of jewelry.

The Samuel B. employs over one hundred of the most talented artisans. Bali metal smiths have always been regarded with the highest respect. Their legacy of craftsmanship has been passed down from generation to generation. It is this heritage of excellence that The Samuel B. Collection celebrates. The intricate patterns you find in Samuel B. jewelry are the lexicon of the Balinese artisan. Their ability to carve, chisel, hammer, create silver wire, chain and fine granulation all by hand are skills that take years to master.

Within each Samuel B. jewel design is the spirit of Bali. Find the spirit of the center of world within you.

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