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Roberto Coin

Roberto Coin brand was born in 1996 in Vicenza, Italy, “The city of gold”. Success was quick and extraordinary. By 2000, only four years after the brand’s birth, Roberto Coin positioned itself seventh amongst the best-known jewelry brands in the United States. Two years later, the brand ranked third in the international panorama and first among Italian jewelers.

The Roberto Coin brand is a marvelous mix of centuries-old Italian craftsmanship and modern design techniques. It quickly became a world-renowned luxury brand of Italian designer jewelry. Each and every piece of Roberto Coin jewelry is unique and handcrafted, from the delicate to the bold; all are exquisite.

Roberto Coin leads the way in designer jewelry by creating classic styles that appeal to a consumer looking for great workmanship and lasting style. His 18k gold designs are fashion forward and timeless and appeal to the most discriminating jewelry buyer.

Roberto Coin is also a master of light, shape and color. His jewelry was the first to make use of three color gold which rapidly became a fashionable jewelry trend worldwide.

Inspired by ancient Egyptian legends each original piece is marked with the signature hidden ruby - Coin's blessing for long life, health and happiness. The ruby is known as “The King of Gemstones”, and the legends state that it has healing powers and brings the wealth and happiness. The ruby is dedicated to every woman wearing one of the Roberto Coin’s exclusive creations, as a secret gift of good wishes.

Aurora Jewelers carries some of the Roberto Coin’s most recognizable collections (The Pois Moi Collection, The Primavera Collection, The Tiny Treasures Collection and many others).    

Roberto Coin Pois Moi collectionRoberto Coin Pois Moi collection BanglesRoberto Coin Pois Moi collection

Roberto Coin Primavera collection BanglesRoberto Coin Primavera collection BanglesRoberto Coin ring